Holiday Sweets 2016

My winter tradition of baking and candy making continues for the fourth year. The recipes I made this time are the most simple and reliable, plus I finally figured out how to make the maple fudge set firmly! 😀

The 2016 Holiday Sweets

3 types of balls that contain liqueur:

Amaretto Marzipan Snowballs rolled in coconut

Cocoa covered Rum Balls with vanilla icing swirls

Grand Marnier Dark Chocolate Truffles with dried apricot


3 types of boiled sugar marshmallow fudges:

Foolproof Chocolate Fudge with dark chocolate zig-zags

White Chocolate and Cranberry Fudge

Maple Fudge topped with pecans


and 2 old standards that I make every year:

Shortbread ‘bottlecaps’ decorated with dark chocolate or jam

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups in gold foil for a festive look


I will post all recipes soon…